Transmutable News

Ethics policy

Transmutable News is owned by Transmutable LLC in the city of Seattle. Transmutable LLC is a single-owner company owned by me, Trevor Flowers. I am also known as Trevor F. Smith.

I strive to maintain the highest standard of professional ethics. To that end:

When I make a mistake, I strive to correct the error promptly and disclose the correction to readers.

I do not hold individual stocks in any company other than a minority stake in Momento360, a company that I co-founded several years ago. I have had no executive control over Momento360 for several years. I do have retirement accounts that invest in a wide range of stocks but I have no control over their contents.

I purchase minimal amounts of currency in order to evaluate new technologies and services. I disclose any purchase or gift of currencies with equivalent or greater value than US$100.

I disclose when my travel or expenses are covered by anyone other than Transmutable LLC.

I disclose any gift of more than US$10 value from any company, including but not limited to hardware and software for reviews.

I disclose sponsorship deals, whether monetary or in-kind.

When I expand into new services (for example job listings or project trackers) I disclose the existence and substance of all agreements, whether monetary or in-kind. If agreements require that I withhold information (for example, dollar amounts or percentages) I disclose the types of information being withheld.

The Transmutable News web site is hosted on Netlify, who I pay at full listed rates. Our newsletters are managed by Buttondown, who I also pay at full listed rates. Our DNS is managed by AWS, who (as you might have guessed) I pay at full listed rates.