Transmutable News

Issue #20

Jun 10, 2022

Hello and welcome friends of the Wider Web!

In my first issue as editor and writer of the Immersive Web Weekly I linked to Hand with Reflective Sphere, a Wider Web recreation of a classic block print. As this is the last issue of Transmutable News Weekly I hope that you’ll humor me by taking a moment to reflect on the mirror of technology in 2022. What does it show you about yourself? What does it reveal about our collective beliefs? How and why are you bringing stale ideas with you as we recreate our relationship with the Noosphere?

Power down your wi-fi, quiet your displays, and join an empty space because it’s time for the final issue of the Transmutable News Weekly.


In Their Words: Elijah Tai and Joshia Seam of Zesty

In the weeks before the current cryptocurrency crash I interviewed the founders of Zesty, a web3 Metaverse advertising company. Here, in their words, is how they think about moderation, pollution, NFTs, and advertisements as inter-world portals.

The Kids are Alright

Brian Okumani Gyamfi Bawuah demonstrated their thesis project which explores a key aspect of the Wider Web: meeting people where they are.

Unsub from Trevor, Sub to Tom

Though I’ll no longer be on the beat, Tom Ffiske covers a similar space with issues like this one covering AWE 2022 that demonstrates the frenzy of activity around XR, shared spaces, and embodiment in shared spaces.

Again, This Time with Feeling

In what appears to be a renewed support of open standards, a Magic Leap VP, Lisa Watts, publicly stated that they’re working toward supporting OpenXR and WebXR on the latest revision of their goggles.

Do Your Part

This open letter to EU legislators signals that an increasing number of leaders are on board with the Right to Repair. For head-mounted displays it is crucially important that we actively prevent the creation of untrustworthy devices that sit between our senses and our world. Locked devices, opaque designs, and the inhumane results of capitalist realism must be actively and energetically resisted in order to prevent a world where everyone sees and hears only what hypercorps allow and find profitable.

Stay open, friends.

I remain &